Enrollment in Love Does school and festival

This is the second Festival organized by the Life Foundation, which aimed to encourage children to enroll in the LOVE DOES school. The youngest from the refugee center were eagerly involved in the very process of creating all the attractions. From the very morning, 5 hours before the start, they helped volunteers set up chairs, pump balloons or decorate the space. It’s amazing what kind of bond we were able to build with them ! Thanks to the joint preparations, the kids were able to feel like hosts of the entire event. When everything was ready, the girls ran to their beds to change into beautiful and shiny dresses.

The festival consisted of attractions such as : – a cotton candy stand, decorated with a garland of balloons, inflated by children – a festival makeup stand, where children gave each other makeups with the help of volunteers. – A spot with colorful braids, needless to say the most popular colors were yellow and blue. – A DJ, with tunes that got the kids dancing – a Photo Booth with posing accessories – and a favorite attraction a BAR with non-alcoholic colorful drinks. In addition, there was a school enrollment booth, for each child enrolled there was a gift useful for attending school. The festival was also visited by Skye, the dog from the Psi Patrol cartoon loved by children. Throughout the event, we handed out 400 drinks and 350 cotton candy and even more smiles !