Christmas Eve with Seniors

On December 15 we organized a Christmas Eve party for Seniors. Presence, conversation, attention-this is what Seniors invariably miss the most. This day was for them and it was a special day. We organized the meeting in cooperation with the Foundation Helping Seniors. We met at the LAS cafe, where, over borscht, cakes and coffee, we were able to spend this magical time together.

In preparation for the meeting, the Seniors, with the support of volunteers, prepared their letters to Santa Claus. We managed to fulfill some of the dreams of our guests, but the most important thing on that day was presence, conversation and smiles.

Through cooperation with other NGOs, we are able to reach more people in need. The goals of our foundation include activities for the elderly, social assistance, including assistance to the needy and disadvantaged, activities for the social integration of people at risk of social exclusion, and charity and charitable activities.