December trip to Ukraine

Winter is a particularly hard time for soldiers in Ukraine. Thanks to (yet another) financial support from Independent Digital Sp. z. o. o, we were able to purchase and donate the following products:

  • 20 rain capes (with tent function)
  • 150 sets of thermal underwear
  • 20 military fleeces
  • 8 gas stoves (including gas cylinders)
  • 15 pieces of sleeping mats
  • 7 pairs of tactical winter boots
  • 15 pairs of winter socks
  • power generator

The purchased requirements were delivered to soldiers of the 63rd Battalion of the 103rd (Lviv) Brigade of the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and soldiers of the 24th Brigade A-0998 of the First Rifle Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as soldiers traveling to the front from Ozero (in northern Ukraine).

Transports organized within the framework of the humanitarian aid project “Peremoha” are aimed at providing concrete and direct support to soldiers fighting for a free Ukraine. If you are interested in financially supporting the next transport make a symbolic donation to the Life Poland Foundation account and help a soldier survive the winter in the war. Every zloty makes a difference.