First anniversary of the war in Ukraine

February 24, 2023 marks the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

We have created a summary of our activities and projects that we have managed to implement this year:

Milk collection

At the very beginning of the war, we started collecting modified milk for mothers in need. We managed to collect as much as 120 tons of milk, which were transported in 11 transports to Ukraine.

Distribution of backpacks at stations

Several times we organized the distribution of backpacks at railway stations in Warsaw for children and families staying there. We gave away over 200 backpacks equipped with snacks, drinks, blankets and other necessary items.

Love Does Club

In September 2022, our project School – Love Does Club was launched, which was created after several months of working with children in the refugee center. Our goal has become to provide education to children whose safety and opportunity to learn has been interrupted because of the war. The school offers daily activities for children from 6-14 years old.


We also organized a theme festival once a month. This is an event in which all children from our school as well as their parents participate. We provide attractions such as: VR games, cotton candy, popcorn, decorating cookies together, a festival of colors, face painting, sports or dance competitions, and many others. About 500 people take part in the festivals.

Christmas Eve with the Seniors

On December 15, we organized a Christmas Eve for Seniors. Presence, conversation, attention – this is what Seniors invariably miss the most. This day was all for them, and it was a special day. The meeting was organized in cooperation with the Helping Seniors foundation.


This is our humanitarian aid project in Ukraine, under which we help Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. At the turn of 2022/23, Team LIFE POLSKA went to Ukraine several times by van filled with the most necessary products that our Ukrainian partners asked us for. During the last trip, we donated 60 bottles of 5l drinking water, 10 tactical vests, 40 tactical gloves, and 5 pairs of winter military boots.

Thank you to everyone who supports our activities. Any help is invaluable and without it we will not be able to help where it is needed.

We encourage you to support the Life Polska Foundation financially and materially.