Joy Festival

Together with the Love Does foundation, we organized the JOY FESTIVAL for children living in the GlobalEXPO refugee center in Warsaw. This is one of the events we regularly organize in this place, where we conduct free classes for children aged 6 to 14 in Ukrainian on a daily basis. We organized many attractions, thanks to which children could forget about the tragedy that happened to them, even for a moment. The inflatable slide enjoyed exceptional popularity, children also had the opportunity to see magic tricks, eat delicious ice cream and decorate cookies. In addition, we prepared a stand with thermomosaic where children could prepare unique figures. Exotic cocktails were waiting at the next stand. We also did beautiful make-up and colorful braids. We didn’t forget about the parents as well, they could decorate bags with their children. All these attractions were graced by a DJ who took care of the atmosphere of the festival. It was a time full of joy, we are incredibly grateful that we can change the reality of these children. Thank you to all the volunteers and co-organizers, it was an amazing day!