June trip to Ukraine

On June 13, 2023, our Team went with another humanitarian aid transport to Ukraine.

Only a week before the shipment, the destruction of the dam took place, which caused it flooding of more than 80 towns and Kherson. Dam in Nowa Kachówka, crucial hydropower infrastructure on the Dnieper river, was blown up causing panic and confusion in the community. The wave of water flooded the nearby areas causing material demage, but also the death of people and animals. Many residents were evacuated, but lots of people were trapped in the flooded area. That’s why we decided to take immediate action and gave our organization partner the most necessary items. On behalf of the Life Polska Foundation, Petro Shot and its evacuation team transported hygiene products, instant food with a long expiration date, dog and cat food and flashlights.

The second destination of the humanitarian transport was to visit the Ternopil Regional Clinical Hospital. Our foundation took care of this place a few months ago, when we received information that 11 wagons of wounded soldiers from the front are brought to the facility every week. Then we bought and donated food packages. This time we received very specific requests – an industrial washing machine and dryer, and a machine for negative pressure wound therapy.

“After talking to the volunteers from Life Poland during their first visit, we told them about the need for industrial washers and dryers for our hospital. Since our equipment is already outdated and the amount of work in the laundry is high, this kind of help is extremely important to us and even necessary. Thank you to the volunteers who joined this initiative! We greatly appreciate such support for the victory of our country,” said Deputy Director General Vasyl Mosula.

The purchase of a negative pressure wound therapy machine was also discussed during our previous trip. This is the equipment necessary to perform any further medical procedures. Exsudex is a modern medical device used to perform regular negative pressure therapy, and negative pressure therapy in combination with instillation.

The only European manufacturer of this machine is the Belgian company Haromed. The hospital in Ternopil had only two such machines – for comparison, a medium-sized medical facility in Belgium has 35. In addition, the ones used by Ukrainian medics are from 2010, and thus their quality is also worse than that of newer models. Doctors and nurses informed us that right after our departure, the new equipment was put into operation immediately and is constantly saving the lives and health of the next injured.