Layette for Ukraine

At the end of May, we started a new project aimed at mothers in Ukrainian maternity wards. While visiting hospitals with wounded soldiers, our team noticed that they are not the only victims of this war. Pregnant women bring new generations into the world in which they will have to grow up in the shadow of the drama of war.

A huge percentage of Ukrainian women lose breast milk due to the stress of the war. Modified milk is an absolutely desirable product, which is connected with the fact that it is increasingly difficult to obtain. The situation is dramatic because mothers do not know if they will be able to feed their children. If they won’t just starve to death.

Another problem is paternity. As you know, Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 65 cannot leave the country. Moreover, they receive summons to the army. Regardless of whether they are just entering adulthood or retiring. Regardless of whether they have military experience or have never held a gun in their hands. Pregnant women are somewhat left to themselves. There are three main cases – fathers are in the army, died in the war or lost their jobs because of the war.

Thanks to the support of “Dobro Czynić Mission Charity”, we delivered as many as 50 specially prepared packages for mothers and their newborn children to the hospital in Łuck (Ukraine). We met doctors and hospital staff who take exceptional care of their patients, regardless of the difficult situation.

We want to regularly appear in Ukrainian hospitals with ready-made layettes. One layette costs PLN 150 and includes a pacifier, rompers, a feeding bottle, foundations, diapers, powdered milk, wet wipes, bath emulsion, postpartum inserts and a postpartum nightgown.

Support us and save future generations who did not deserve this horrible beginning of life.