Peremoha 2023

Our first humanitarian shipment in 2023 focused around three destinations. Team LIFE POLSKA went to Ukraine in a van filled with the necessary products that our Ukrainian partners asked us for.

The first stop was Jaworów, where we met a volunteer of the State Service. The coordinator – Petro Shot – transports the demand straight to the front in a bulletproof vehicle. We gave him 60 bottles of 5l drinking water, 10 tactical vests, 40 tactical gloves and 5 pairs of winter military boots.

Then the team went to Lviv, where the multitools and camp beds were handed over to the representative of the 62nd Territorial Defense Battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Mr. Andrij Kirczów presented us with the situation of the soldiers at the front and handed over an official diploma with thanks for cooperation and help to fighting Ukraine.

On the second day, we went with food to the Ternopil Regional Clinical Hospital, where about 500 wounded soldiers are brought every week. The hospital authorities stressed the amount of work needed to save the newcomers. The team also had the opportunity to talk to the soldiers themselves, which was a great honor for us.

The year of war in Ukraine showed us how important cooperation and transparent help are. The Life Polska Foundation continues its aid activities aimed directly at those affected by the drama of the war.

Your support is invaluable, without it we will not be able to help where it is needed. We encourage you to support the Life Polska Foundation financially and materially.