The LIFE Polska Foundation was created out of the need to show love and support people who are lost, deprived of hope, and looking for the meaning of life.

We shape attitudes of tolerance, break prejudices and stereotypes towards marginalized people. We act to protect human rights and fight demoralization, including among children and youth.

Our motto is “You and I will succeed”, because we believe that by promoting and reviving love towards individuals and social groups, we are able to have a real impact on changing the life of every human being.

The goals of the LIFE Polska Foundation are also:

  • fight against demoralization, including among children and youth,
  • social assistance, including assistance to families and people in need and in a difficult life situation, as well as equal opportunities for these families and people,
  • supporting families and the foster care system,
  • activities for the benefit of the family, motherhood, parenthood, dissemination and protection of children’s rights,
  • activities for the professional and social integration and reintegration of people at risk of social exclusion,
  • counteracting addictions and social pathologies,
  • charity,
  • health protection and promotion,
  • activities for the elderly and disabled,
  • cultural activity.


Maciej Liziniewicz

Board President

Iga Liziniewicz

Vice President


Managing Director

Estera Jurczyk

Principal of LOVE DOES School
International Project Coordinator

Aleksandra Jakoniuk

Creative Projects Specialist