Love Does School

About our school

We are an accredited Ukrainian school with as many as two locations in Warsaw, we are located at 6D Modlińska St. in the Humanitarian Aid Center, and in the building of our Foundation at 10 Raclawicka St. We offer completely free, curriculum-compliant and Ukrainian-language classes for refugee children in grades 1-8. We are the only school in Warsaw to issue both Polish and Ukrainian certificates to children in grades 1-3. Our school is open to any willing child from 6 to 18 years old!

Our goal

Our goal is to provide children studying at the Love Does school with a regular education, a sense of security, a healthy routine and help them find their way in a new and often incomprehensible situation. We also want to help children between the ages of 14 and 18 complete their education in the Ukrainian system by providing residential classes. Quality education and cultural support for Ukrainian children who are currently in Poland is our priority. We are creating a friendly and developing place for learning, which will allow our students to achieve success not only in their studies. At the same time, we focus on promoting the Ukrainian language and culture among the younger generation. We prepare our students for NMT exams based on the Ukrainian curriculum, which will enable them to possibly continue their education in Ukraine.

School subjects

We provide education on many levels, from school subjects such as Ukrainian, English, Polish, mathematics, geography, Ukrainian and world history, chemistry, computer science, Ukrainian speech, biology, physics, nature and PE, through numerous additional subjects such as art classes, theater, robotics and experiments. There are also regular classes with a psychologist in each class.

Who we are?

As the Life Polska Foundation, we cooperate with the international organization Love Does. Our common goal is to provide education to children whose safety and opportunity to learn has been interrupted because of the war. We believe that fighting for human rights restores dignity and reduces violence. Caring and helping families who have been deprived of their current lives, gives hope for a better tomorrow. Our mission is to get children, women, families, single people, lost or elderly from crises and support them in changing their lives.

Love Does High School

Our high school was established in response to the current baby boom and the difficulties faced by young people in accessing high schools in Warsaw. We have provided a place for education for all interested students, giving them a chance to develop their potential. We understand that some children were forced to interrupt their education due to tragic events such as the war. That’s why we offer them the chance to not waste precious time and continue their education at our school. Our goal is not only to allow them to catch up on their homework, but also to prepare them for the ZNO test so that they can continue their education in Ukraine with a solid foundation and confidence.

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