You and I will succeed


We have started a great project!

We have launched the “LIFE Business Plan” project co-organized with the French organization Bibliotheques Sans Frontieres! We have developed a several-month development plan for high school students from our Love Does! Starting from psychological tests to practical business action lessons, we want to prepare them for the road after graduation …

We are constantly bringing help!

Our humanitarian convoys are not only about transporting aid from point A to point B, they are mainly about tough meetings, difficult conversations and a huge sense of uncertainty. During our recent trip to Ukraine, we also visited the maternity hospital in Ternopil , where, thanks to our cooperation with …

Winter in the pool!

When, after the Summer in the City campaign we organized, we learned that some children, thanks to organized swimming classes, overcame their fears and now eagerly show up at the pool, we knew we had to monopolize it!ZIMA IN THE CITY is an organized project through which we provide needy …

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